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Solo Werks S1 Coilover System - VW MKV / MK6 Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Eos

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Was: $599.00 USD - $732.90 USD
Now: $499.00 USD
Upgraded Strut Mounts & Bearings:
Corrosion Protection:
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Solo Werks S1 Coilover System - MK5 and MK6  - Premium Entry Level Coilover Suspension!

  • For cars with multilink independent rear suspension
  • Gold Plated Housings for superb corrosion resistance
  • Silver spring perches - double lock ring design
  • Platform Specific Spring Rates and Matched Valving
  • Front 35-55mm (1.4-2.2") Lowering Range*
  • Rear 35-70mm (1.4-2.75") Lowering Range*
  • Includes shortened Sway Bar End links
  • 3 year Limited Warranty

Each Kit contains:

  • 2 Front Threaded Coilover Dampers -Heavy Gold Zinc Plated with dual locking ring spring perches
  • 2 Front Springs+2 Helper springs
  • 2 Microcellular Bump Stops
  • 2 Rear Dampers
  • 2 Front Swaybar End Links
  • 2 Rear Adjustable Perches
  • 2 Coilover Spanner Wrenches

Designed by a joint engineering staff from Germany and the USA, the S1 coilover is built for the enthusiast that
is looking for an ideal balance of ride quality and performance.

In the front the S1 coilover for the MK5/6 VW/Audi Group platform features a specially designed progressive spring
rate matched to a twin tube low pressure gas damper mounted in a heavy gold zinc plated
threaded coilover housing that provides not only great handling, but also exceptional
corrosion resistance.

The rear features a progressive coil spring and adjustable threaded
system with a specially tuned sport damper that is
matched to the lowering range of the coil/perch combination.

 * depending on vehicle

Fitment Details:

Make Model Engine/Model2 Year From Year To
AUDI A3 (8P) 2wd All 2006 2012
AUDI TT Coupe & Roadster (8J) 2wd All 2007 2012
VOLKSWAGEN Eos 2.0(4cyl.) without DSG 2007 2012
VOLKSWAGEN Eos 2.0(4cyl.)+3.2(V6) with DSG 2007 2012
VOLKSWAGEN Golf V All 2wd inc Diesel 2006 2009
VOLKSWAGEN Golf VI All 2wd inc Diesel 2009 2012
VOLKSWAGEN Jetta V Sedan All 2005 2010
VOLKSWAGEN Jetta VI SE and SEL (55mm housing) 2011 2012
VOLKSWAGEN Jetta VI GLI 2011 2012
VOLKSWAGEN Jetta VI TDI 2011 2012
VOLKSWAGEN Beetle Coupe All  2011 2012
VOLKSWAGEN Scirocco A5 1.4-2.0 (4 cyl.) incl TDI 2008 2012
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